CARE House of Oakland County: It shouldn't hurt to be a child.
CARE House of Oakland County: It shouldn't hurt to be a child.

When we began discussing research topics for our ARPs during the second semester of our junior year, I struggled to find something that I was truly passionate enough about to spend nearly two years researching it. I had many interests, sure, but there wasn’t anything that came to mind that I felt would not only be very interesting to me, but would also give me the knowledge and background to be able to reach out and educate my community, as well as giving me a good foundation from which I can build off of later in life. So, I got to thinking, and realized that in the last few years or so, I have learned that some of the people I care most about have been hurt deeply by others in their life, and are still dealing with the repercussions of their abuse today. Because I have also experienced similar feelings and wanted to make a change in something that is, in my opinion, too under the radar, I decided to do my ARP on childhood sexual abuse (CSA) and the effect it has on the survivor’s life. I am focusing on the repercussions that CSA has on an individual in order to determine a strong prevention plan and how to get the right kind of help. I especially chose this topic because as my research progressed, I noticed that most of the treatments offered by a survivor’s therapist were dealing with the survivor indirectly and was less effective than direct treatment, and that just didn’t sit right with me.
At this moment in time, I am in contact with three specialists, two of which are more generalized psychologists, and the other specializing in sexual trauma cases and incest survivors. With their aid, I aim to learn more about the angles from which a psychologist might approach a survivor in order to understand how therapists are looking at the treatment, and then to discern what is the most effective way of communicating with a survivor to aid them and to better the treatment. My partnership with CARE House, however, gives me the tools and the platform I need to create a final product (through these blog entries) that will be the ending piece to my ARP that allows me to meet my biggest goal of educating and giving back to my community in ways that I wouldn’t have been able to do without the help of this amazing organization.

See you all in my next post! – Z

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