40 years of helping children.
40 years of helping children.

Even Ms. Denhollander, with the resources of of a lawyer’s education and a wealth of evidence, faced extreme loss of privacy, ended friendships, and cruel smears and accusations from the public.

Imagine a child who is facing the decision to disclose abuse. They are facing a world where their abusers have deliberately prepared individuals in the community to find accusations untrustworthy… A world where their perpetrators have assembled a defensive line of enablers and sowers of doubt… A world where the authorities and even their own parents sometimes do not believe them.

The testimonies from these young women remind us all of the resilience of abuse victims, but it should not be their responsibility to be resilient. It is on each of us to keep our children safe.

It requires preemptive action and dedication on our parts. Talk to your children. Explain to them what abuse is, and that they should never be afraid to tell you if it happens to them.

Then have that conversation again. And again. Eliminating the stigma around the conversation and keeping communication open is the only chance we have at ensuring that children do not become victims of sexual abuse.

At CARE House of Oakland County, we are here to help you have that conversation. To learn the right steps to take, please get in touch with our Community Outreach Manager, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and sign up for one of our child abuse prevention trainings.