Francesca is 11. Her mom died when she was four, and she grew up living with her grandma in Texas. Two years ago, her grandma passed away. Her father has struggled with substance abuse issues since before she was born. She moved in with a cousin living in Pontiac, but they filed a request to remove her. She became a ward of the State and moved into a foster home in Waterford.

The Family Court judge sensed how hard this had been on Francesca, and assigned her a CARE House Special Advocate. Roger, her advocate, met with Francesca at the home twice a month. Francesca opened up about her problems and needs, and Roger was there to listen, and to relay updates to Family Court.

After a few months, Francesca was starting to feel comfortable at her new school. Around this time, her foster parents asked for Francesca to be removed from the home – they said it just wasn’t a good fit. Roger immediately started working with her school to help find a new foster home in the same district, to avoid having to start over again. Two days before Francesca was set to move to Saginaw County, Roger found a new home in her current neighborhood. Francesca is so happy and excited to get to stay in the same school, and she’s so grateful for Roger’s support.