Harland is 60 years old. His wife passed away three years ago. Harland was just starting to get used to living alone when his daughter, Valerie, asked if she and her two kids, Sam and Bobby, could move in. They needed to leave home after Sam and Bobby disclosed that their dad had been abusing and taking photos of them.

The family had fractured. Sam and Bobby were angry at their mom and acting out in school. Valerie felt crippled by guilt and didn’t know how to move forward. While taking his grandkids to CARE House for their weekly therapy session, Harland discussed his concerns with the boys’ therapists. They suggested that the four of them start coming to CARE House for Family Therapy, and Harland agreed.

Over the next year, the family came together to discuss their feelings, hurts, and resentments. At first, it was a struggle but, in time, the boys found they could be totally honest with Valerie and Harland. The anger began to fade, and trust started to grow in its place. On the day of their final session, Harland thanked their therapist for everything she’d done: nothing less than saving their family.