Rosalind is an emergency room nurse. She knew from a young age that she wanted to go into healthcare. Despite the hours, she loves making a difference for people when they most need help.

Rosalind just finished nursing school a year ago. While at school, she attended a training presented by a woman from CARE House. The woman told her that being a nurse made her a Mandated Reporter – meaning that she was obligated, by law, to report all suspicions of child abuse or neglect. She learned how to recognize the signs and symptoms of abuse, and how to properly file a report with the State.

Rosalind was uncertain how useful this information would be in the ER, but after a few months on the job, the knowledge came in handy. While helping treat a young boy for a broken arm, Rosalind noticed bruising inconsistent with his injury. Based on this, along with the boy’s unusually timid demeanor, led her to suspect he might be a victim of severe physical abuse. Rosalind told her superior about her suspicions and immediately filed a report.

That day, Rosalind felt grateful to CARE House for sharing their knowledge with her. She was confident that she would know how to respond to similar situations in the future.