40 years of helping children.
40 years of helping children.









Our greatest need at CARE House is for financial contributions.

For those who prefer to make an in-kind contribution, here is our current Wish List:


General Donation Items

  • Gas gift cards - $5
  • Laundry soap
  • Reams of bright colored copy paper

Early Head Start Donation Items

  • Diapers - sizes  4, 5 and 6.
  • Baby wipes
  • Books – parenting books and books for early readers (1-3 years old)

Therapy Donation Items

  • Small toys and trinkets (suited for males and females, children and teenagers – we could especially use things for teenagers!) – nail polish, jewelry, puzzles, games, Legos, small toys, etc.
  • Paint (acrylic and kid friendly)
  • Skinny washable markers
  • Stickers (a variety for different ages and for boys and girls)
  • Colored sand for sand art
  • Small and medium sized wooden boxes
  • Journals with locks
  • Large rolls of paper
  • Progressive Muscle Relaxation CDs for Children
  • Sand tray figurines
  • Sand
  • Poster boards
  • Play swords and shields (Nerf)
  • Air dry clay
  • Gift cards for Michael’s or Joann’s Fabrics
  • Gift cards for the Self Esteem Shop in Clawson


  • Helping Your Child Recover from Sexual Abuse
  • Celebrate Your Body
  • Your Body Belongs to You
  • My Body is Special and Private


Your contribution makes the mission possible!  



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