40 years of helping children.
40 years of helping children.

Rosalind is an emergency room nurse. She knew from a young age that she wanted to go into healthcare. Despite the hours, she loves making a difference for people when they most need help.

Julie is a Court-Appointed Special Advocate, or CASA, at CARE House. She works with kids in foster care. These children often have to move from house to house, and to meet with a variety of unfamiliar judges, lawyers, and counselors. Julie is there to be the consistent adult figure in their lives, the person they can always reach out to for help and support.

Julie met Melanie when she was 11. Melanie’s mom was a drug addict, and her father was in prison. Melanie had just been removed from her first foster home in Genesee County, and placed in a new one in Hazel Park. Eventually, Melanie’s dad got out of prison, and she moved back in with him. She was excited, at first, but he started abusing drugs, and she had to go back into foster care.

Michael is 8 and lives with his dad. He’s never known his birth mom, so he and his dad have a very close relationship. Michael’s dad has to travel a lot for work, and he asked a family friend to watch Michael while he was away.

Linda is 21 years old. She works part-time at a grocery store and spends much of the rest of her time caring for her mom, who is often ill from complications from diabetes. A year ago, Linda was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. She was still adjusting to that news when, six months later, she learned she was pregnant.

Harland is 60 years old. His wife passed away three years ago. Harland was just starting to get used to living alone when his daughter, Valerie, asked if she and her two kids, Sam and Bobby, could move in. They needed to leave home after Sam and Bobby disclosed that their dad had been abusing and taking photos of them.

Francesca is 11. Her mom died when she was four, and she grew up living with her grandma in Texas. Two years ago, her grandma passed away. Her father has struggled with substance abuse issues since before she was born. She moved in with a cousin living in Pontiac, but they filed a request to remove her. She became a ward of the State and moved into a foster home in Waterford.

It was tough for Annie when her parents separated, but she liked her new step-dad, Rick. A year after they moved in with him, when Annie was 8, Rick started doing things a parent shouldn't do. He touched Annie while they watched TV, and visited her bedroom at night.

Sheila is a CARE House volunteer. She works as a Child Assist, helping put children at CARE House for the first time at ease.

Last month, she met an 11-year old girl named Angela. They talked and played games for a while, and Sheila was impressed by Angela’s sweetness and charming personality.